Instructional Design in a Change Environment

Right now, this is just a rough draft. I have been playing around with innovative ideas on how the next generation would like to learn, and created a set of videos following this method. Each video segment is short and sweet and has a call-to-action for the next video. Only one key concept is covered in each video so retention should be enhanced over traditional learning or elearning (rapid learning).

For subject matter, I decided on Instructional Design in a Change Management environment. 

This is definitely a works-in-progress.
Thanks for viewing.


In this video, I introduce myself and explain a little bit more about the site. It is a very short video at only 33 seconds in length.


What is Change Management?

Before we can discuss learning within a Change environment, it is necessary to find out what Change Management is.

The First Tenet of Change

In this video, we discuss the first tenet of change… We change for a reason.

Resistance to Change

It is inevitable with any change initiative that there will be resistance to overcome. Frequent and effective communication will ensure that the project has a much greater chance of success.

User Adoption

In this video, we will begin to discuss user adoption.

Note that this is a works-in-progress.

Communication & Collaboration

One of the key components of gaining user adoption is proper communication of the message, and collaboration with the organization. Watch this video.


  1. Jason

    WHY is the change necessary? WHY upset the status quo? This I believe is the most important question we need to ask.

    • Chuck

      Thanks for the input!

    • Sherri Drake

      These videos really help explain the change process! Thank you!

      • Chuck

        Thanks Sherri


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