Training a New Generation

Let’s discuss the impact of rapid technological advances and a shift in culture on the way we train and the way we learn.

As this rapid disruption continues, we must stay ahead of it.

Chuck Nealis


 We are witnessing firsthand a technological and cultural disruption, affecting the way we socialize and the way we learn. How do we prepare to train a new generation?

CliffsNotes on Steroids

Gargling helps you get fresh breath…. Googling helps you get fresh information!

No Yawning… Yes Chunking

Rule No. 1    –     Don’t bore your audience!

Rule No. 2    –    What was rule no. 1?

Gamify Me!

We have become a gamification nation. If you agree… you will be awarded 27 purple whistles and a Gucci shoe tree.

Video Video Video

A picture says 1000 words but a video paints 1000 pictures!

In Closing

It is difficult to separate the rapid advancements in technology from the swift changes in culture. We must constantly be prepared as we train a new generation in the workforce.


  1. Jason

    This really got me thinking. It is definitely tougher training the younger employees. Not sure we are ready to do away with the old ways yet though.

    • Chuck

      Hi Jason, please don’t get the wrong idea. I am still heavily involved in QRCs, infographics, ILT and other forms of traditional training. But I still believe that as instructional designers we need to evolve with the times.

  2. kent Johnson

    I think it’s a great idea to understand your audience and build training based on the way they like to learn. This can be gathered in a quick survey and build your trainings around that. Try and keep it down to 3 styles, but I like where this is going…

    • Chuck

      Hi Kent, I think your comment is spot-on and agree with you wholeheartedly. What did they say in that VP debate several years ago? I think it was something like “it’s the target audience, stupid.”

  3. Sherri Drake

    I enjoyed these videos. They were fun, short and engaging! Being young myself, I guess you are right!

    • Chuck

      Thanks, Sherri! I appreciate the validation, hahaha.

  4. Tracy Paddock Beam

    Love it! Great way to relay training tips and tricks as well as demonstrate your capabilities. Fun visuals.

    Opportunities for improvement:
    – I experienced sound issues with the last 3 videos.
    – Thinks to Consider to showcase additional capability:
    1) gamifying the experience with some type of reward. For example, viewer receives a badge for each video they view and their name is entered into a drawing for a Starbucks or Amazon gift card or something.
    2) add a fun interactive retention game (test) at the end based on key takeaways.
    3) allow participant to opt-in and receive something cool such as a sample certificate of completion or whitepaper via email.

    • Chuck

      Hi Tracy, thank you so much for the great suggestions! Sorry about any audio problems you experienced. Please let me know which device and browser you viewed them from. With regards to (1) you are absolutely right. I left out an important aspect of gamification. (2) The fun interactive game is a fantastic idea! Thank you!
      I will add a fun interactive game this weekend.
      (3) I might want to discuss this further with you as this is a very interesting idea!

  5. Zanetta

    Things have definitely changed and attention spans are shorter, so we must all adapt. We live in a world with information overload, so you have to stand out in order for things to stick. Technology has made life easier, but it has also changed everyone’s daily lives. Staying in tune with new training methods that are most effective with this everchanging culture is exactly the point. Great job!

    • Chuck

      Hi Zanetta, thank you very much for your feedback. You bring up some very good points!

  6. Paul

    Targeting how your audiences learns best is spot on. There is no longer a one size fits all (assuming there ever was) approach. We are now in a world of customization to fit each individual. You are spot on.

    • Chuck

      Good point, Paul. Thanks!


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