About Me

Since the introduction of Microsoft CRM 1.0 circa 2001, my primary focus has always been on user adoption, providing the glue to keep the user using the application. By 2010, I learned that there was a name for this…. “WIIFM” or “what’s in it for me?”

Sponsorship and communication are very important, but the bottom line is that for the change to be successful, the people it affects better be onboard.

This site is not an online resume. Instead, I am trying to keep it fun, somewhat engaging and oftentimes self deprecating. Enjoy!

Chuck Nealis

Training for a New Generation

This page is dedicated to those individuals who provide training and training resources in a corporate / professional environment.

This page is meant to take a lighthearted look at how culture is shifting in concert with rapid technological advances. These shifts are already affecting training in retail and hospitality, and could affect corporate training in the near future.

As this rapid disruption continues, we must stay ahead of it.


 We are witnessing firsthand a technological and cultural disruption, affecting the way we socialize and the way we learn. How do we prepare to train a new generation?

CliffsNotes on Steroids

Gargling helps you get fresh breath…. Googling helps you get fresh information!

No Yawning… Yes Chunking

Rule No. 1    –     Don’t bore your audience!

Rule No. 2    –    What was rule no. 1?

Gamify Me!

We have become a gamification nation. If you agree… you will be awarded 27 purple whistles and a Gucci shoe tree.

Video Video Video

A picture says 1000 words but a video paints 1000 pictures!

In Closing

It is difficult to separate the rapid advancements in technology from the swift changes in culture. We must constantly be prepared as we train a new generation in the workforce.

Learn more about how different generations learn. Click (tap) the new Interactive Generation tool (created with Adobe Captivate). Mobile friendly. It will open in a new window.